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Kaiju Battlefield Surgeon by Matt Dinniman “Cassette” USB

Kaiju Battlefield Surgeon by Matt Dinniman “Cassette” USB

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With over 20 terrifying hours of audio, the Cinematic Audio series, Kaiju Battlefield Surgeon, is not for the faint of heart. Written by Matt Dinniman, author of the bestselling LitRPG series, Dungeon Crawler Carl, marries virtually every genre of horror with a GameLit spin. Also includes bonus content. Listen on any device with a USB port. Donut, Mongo, and Matt Dinniman sold separately. NOTE: You can also extract the audio and use the 8GB USB for file storage.

Synopsis: An artist, still broken from a horrific family tragedy, takes on a commission that seems too good to be true: $15,000 to paint a mural. But there’s a catch. He has to first enter the deep- dive, VR videogame, Kaiju: Battlefield Surgeon in order to see what the client wants him to paint.

Trapped in a bloody, merciless nightmare, Duke only has one goal — to survive. And in order to survive, he must play the game. He must win the game. And to do that, he must become the most cruel, most ruthless monster of them all.

Cast & Crew:

Author: Matt Dinniman

Narrator/Director: Jeff Hays

Featuring: Dorrie Sacks as Clara; Andrea Parsneau as Banksy and Mary; Annie Ellicott as The Head Witch, Blinky, and Paskunji; Gary Furlong as Count Fronz, Shu, and Raguel; Will Watt as Prince Stolas and Zagan (The Shrill); Harlan Guthrie as Jenk the Canadian; Hannibal Hills as Medina, Jeremiel, and Bael; Justin Thomas James as J. Beefy Crustsock

Music: Aaron J. Morton

Additional Music: Ahmed Mahmoud

Sound Design: Ahmed Mahmoud

Additional Sound Design: Richard Smith and Agustin Jacob

Editing & Mastering: Richard Smith

Cassette Design: Susan Shorter

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