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Monster Hunt NYC Books 1 - 3 by Harmon Cooper “Cassette” USB

Monster Hunt NYC Books 1 - 3 by Harmon Cooper “Cassette” USB

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Coming in at over 22 hours of rocking action, listen to Monster Hunt NYC, a three book series written by Harmon Cooper. Start listening with any device that has a USB port. NOTE: You can also extract the audio and use the USB for file storage.


Warning: Monster Hunt NYC contains a light harem with monster girls, augmented reality, fantasy violence, a ton of action, and GameLit/LitRPG concepts. It was inspired by the Persona games, Pokemon Go!, and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

Shifters, giants, hungry beasts, the undead, creatures of legend, flying terrors — you name it, New York City has it!

Through the Monster Hunt app, Chase Knowles becomes the Alpha of two powerful Huntresses: one a half-dragon female fond of combat and banter, the other a cute warrior fond of reading spell books and wielding two killer blades.

Their goal? Hunt these mythological creatures in the parks, rooftops, and back alleys of New York City; build a fighting party to compete in brawls and tournaments in the city and beyond; earn money; and try their damnedest not to get arrested.

© 2018 Harmon Cooper ℗ 2019 Soundbooth Theater and Harmon Cooper

Cast & Crew:

Author: Harmon Cooper

Narration: Annie Ellicott, Jeff Hays

Featuring: Justin Thomas James, Zachary Johnson

Sound Design: Jeff Hays

Music: Jeff Menapace, Annie Ellicott, Harmon Cooper, Aaron J. Morton

Additional Sound Design and Production: Ahmed Mahmoud, Griffin Malnar

Cassette Design: Susan Shorter

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