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Relict Legacy: Earth Force by Shemer Kuznits “Cassette” USB

Relict Legacy: Earth Force by Shemer Kuznits “Cassette” USB

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Coming in at over 48 hours of audio plus bonus content, Enjoy this post- apocalyptic sci-fi GameLit by Shemer Kuznits, the author of the classic LitRPG series, Life Reset. Humanity’s last hope for survival must figure out how to harness the very same entity attacking it in order to level up and save mankind. The cassette comes with both the Cinematic Audio versions and the Classic Audiobooks. Listen on any device with a USB port. NOTE: You can also extract the audio and use the 8GB USB for file storage.


On the first day, a mist descended from the heavens blanketing earth.
On the second day, a cryptic message, ‘Infusion commencing,’ appeared in the corner of everyone’s eyes.
On the third day, the sick were healed and the crippled walked again.
On the fourth day, celebration and joy spread across the globe.
And on the fifth day, the warping began…

There was no warning.

A mist descended from the sky, disabling all technology and causing a mysterious message to appear at the corner of everyone’s eye. The situation grew even worse as animals and people started to warp, transforming into terrible monsters that prey on the living.

Within months, human civilization crumbled. Unable to fight the seemingly indestructible beasts, the survivors are reduced to cowering in reinforced shelters. Waiting for the end to come. Helpless.

All seemed lost until a few brave souls discovered the secret of their new reality: the Tec and how to use it to level up.

Together they represent humanity’s last and best hope for salvation. But first they must find the answers to the mystery of their new existence.
Their journey will require them to quickly adapt to alien technology, operate strange spaceships, and even befriend an extra-terrestrial merchant with an Inferiority Complex.

Cast & Crew:

Author: Shemer Kuznits

Narrator/Director: Jeff Hays

Featuring: Annie Ellicott as Nori, Cattie, and Unity; Dorrie Sacks as Lana; Justin Thomas James as Diamond, NO_ONE#1, and Grotula 3; Will Watt as Alzigo, Martin, and NO_ONE#2; Alejandra LaFlor as Patsy

Music: Aaron J. Morton

Sound Design: Ahmed Mahmoud

Additional Sound Design: Richard Smith and Agustin Jacob

Editing & Mastering: Richard Smith

Cassette Design: Susan Shorter

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