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Seance by Mark Harris “Cassette” USB

Seance by Mark Harris “Cassette” USB

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Enjoy 5.3 hours of Mark Harris's spooky immersive experience. Also includes 4 bonus episodes, one of which is the first episode of Kaiju Battlefield Surgeon by Matt Dinniman. Listen on any device with a USB port. NOTE: You can also extract the audio and use the 2GB USB for file storage.

Synopsis: 1845. High Falls, New York. Famous spirit medium, Lina Fox, uses her “powers” to profit off of the rich and famous. But rival “medium, hypnotist and level 20 mage,” Oliver Hollo, swoops into town with a bag of tricks like she’s never seen. In their battle for control of High Falls, Hollo and Fox unleash mystical forces, unearth long-buried sins, and reveal an ancient prophecy that will change High Falls forever.

Cast & Crew:

Author: Mark Harris

Harlan Guthrie

Mark Harris as Oliver Hollo
Dorrie Sacks as Kitty
Laurie Catherine Winkel as Lina Fox
Gary Furlong as The Ghost of St. Lawrence
Will Watt as The Ghost of the Prefect
Harlan Guthrie as Mayor Dewitt, Hollo’s Father
David Ault as William Styles
Annie Ellicott as Lillith and Lizzie Starns
Jeff Hays as Edward Grimly Sr.
Erica Hastings as Franklin Dodge
Hannibal Hills as Reverend Beech
Henry Guthrie as Young Hollo
Zachary Johnson as Oswald Potts
Jim Wallert as Edward Grimly Jr.
Andrea Parsneau as Mrs. Jones
Lydia Nicholas as Louise Cramps
Jo Guthrie as Dory

Also Featuring:
Isaac Matthews, Mike Achley, Mike LeBeau,
Phil Ava, Dylan Griggs, and Vincent Davis

Music:  Aaron J. Morton

Sound Design: Harlan Guthrie

Additional Editing and Mastering: Ahmed Mahmoud

Cassette Design: Susan Shorter

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