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The Stars Have Eyes by Neven Iliev “Cassette” USB

The Stars Have Eyes by Neven Iliev “Cassette” USB

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Written by Neven Iliev, the author of the bestselling LitRPG series, Everybody Loves Large Chests, The Stars Have Eyes could not be more different from Neven’s best-known work — aside from his ever-present wit. A sci-fi-Eldritch-horror-rom-com, this charming Cinematic Audio series asks the question, “What if Cthulhu was your girlfriend?” Over 16 hours of audio plus bonus content! Listen on any device with a USB port. NOTE: You can also extract the audio and use the 2GB USB for file storage.

Synopsis: The universe was a vast, empty, dark, and uncaring place. Then life happened, and the universe was changed forever. Then again, the universe changes forever every second of every day. It is also quite big. So much so that it is shockingly easy for one to lose themselves in its ever-shifting expanse. This is why perspective is vital to happiness and sanity. Worrying about one’s immediate surroundings is often far more tolerable than attempting to contemplate all of existence at once.

Unless, of course, one happens to be an unfathomable cosmic being from beyond the veil of reality.

That’s when things get a bit more… complicated.

Cast & Crew:

Author: Neven Iliev

Narrator/Director: Jeff Hays

Featuring: Annie Ellicott as Maggie, Kelly, and Sarah Johnson; Gary Furlong as Mr. Charles, Cullen, and Officer Maloney; Will Watt as Benny; Emma Kate Starling as Margaret Mulligan; Hannibal Hills as Barry Mulligan; Alejandra LaFlor as Ms. McLarsen and Mary the Robo Tech

Music Performance: Ahmed Mahmoud and Jeff Hays

Music Produced: Ahmed Mahmoud

Theme Composer/Producer: Aaron J. Morton

“Starless” by King Crimson Arranged & Performed: Annie Ellicott

Sound Design: Richard Smith and Agustin Jacob

Additional Sound Design: Harlan Guthrie and Ahmed Mahmoud

Editing & Mastering: Richard Smith, Agustin Jacob, and Ahmed Mahmoud

Cassette Design: Susan Shorter

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